How To Spot Fake Geekbar

How To Identify a Fake Geek Bar Vape manufacturer Geek Bar has recently written to trading standards in major UK cities asking them to increase their efforts in identifying and removing fake and illicit vaping products from shelves. Allen Young, Chief Executive of Geek Bar, said: “It’s easy to blame the manufacturer but the truth of the matter is that these products are finding their way into the UK through customs and being sold in retail outlets across the country. It’s a huge issue for our own reputation and the vape sector as a whole. “Enough is enough, and there needs to be more collaboration and enforcement involving all parties including Trading Standards, the vaping industry, trade associations representing retailers and the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency. “We are also asking the community to come forward and report retailers who are selling products that they shouldn’t be by emailing us at” Geek Bar has also been working closely with the Chinese government to identify factories that are creating and distributing fake products. This operation has resulted in the closure of 12 counterfeit production facilities and the seizure of over 100,000 fake products heading for the UK. Why Is It Important to Vape Legit Products? Illegal vape products do not have the same regulations that vape products require in the UK. When a new vaping device or e-liquid is sold in the UK it must be TPD registered and approved to ensure that what you are vaping is safe and contains legal and regulated ingredients. If you use a product that is fake and hasn’t followed the proper TPD approval path, then you could be risking your health and potentially vaping e-liquid that is made of incorrect and unsafe ingredients. Read our blog on TPD here to find out more about vaping laws and how they protect you.

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